The e-Net Janasevana Kendram is an ISO 9001: 2015 CERTIFIED online social service network operating in the State of Kerala for the past 5 years with the approval of the Government of India Trademarks Registry, Department of Electronics & Information Technology and Ministry of Corporate Affairs. The various educational programs of the company are being implemented through e-Net EduServ. 'Ente Teacher -My Teacher' project is an e-learning solution that provides students with technical expertise in online classes by experienced teachers in a variety of subjects.


Teaching is a tough job but it is one where we can make the most impact in other person's life. Teachers can be an inspiration to go further and to dream bigger and differently. Keeping our kids’ present and future in mind we have to take the most appropriate decisions regarding their education. The entire education system is in a transformation phase and the traditional classrooms and printed textbooks and syllabus are not the centre point of this revolution. Instead the world being customer-centric, now students have taken over the centre stage or it is student- centric. It’s not just the pandemic that has brought about this drastic shift to online education systems, but this is the need of the hour. Also one- 2 -one teaching is gaining more popularity as students are eager, smarter and demanding in their pursuit for knowledge. Their desire to know more and the how’s and whys cannot be just answered in a group forum. In this one-2-one model, the teachers are committed to listening to the students and actively responding, giving students a completely safe space to openly share without being pressured by peers or making mistakes or getting embarrassed in front of a group. Besides, the teachers can alter or modify the lesson plans to cater the needs and understanding the talent of the student thereby ensuring them a fruitful future. Personal responsibility of student and teacher are highly increased in these classes as they depend only on each other and no one else. One-2-one interactions assist students in becoming the best versions of themselves and discovering a joy for lifelong learning from anywhere in the world and connected virtually.

Taking into consideration the need of safe and secure platform for online one-2-one education, e-Net eduserv has thoughtfully executed one of its kind e-learning solution, 'Ente Teacher -My Teacher' project and will be the benchmark for all its successors.

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A hard copy of the oral interactive sessions to the learners for revision and reference in the future and easy understanding graphical, cartoon, and prerecorded videos of expertise.


Test Series / Mock Tests

Syllabus-oriented conceptual tests with Artificial Intelligence assessments on student performance. Exclusively meant for mastering the test-giving skills, application, and expression of the learned concepts.

Solved Previous Papers Prepared by a panel of expertise teachers


Holistic Boosters

Live interactive sessions with group discussions, debates, science exhibitions, online arts festivals, study tours, co-curricular and extracurricular booster camps.


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Relevant mocks based on the recent exam pattern with conceptual solutions

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Multiple live classes to crack the exams


Free PDFs of all study materials created by best and experienced faculties

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